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Location # 3-30045 - Purchase, NY


1                     Aproxximately 25 miles from NYC

2                     Film friendly

3                     Restrictions do apply: ie: floors to be protected, rooms to be used to be advised in advance, bedrooms and office off limits unless approved in advance, etc

4                     Beautiful house with spacious rooms, colored walls, marble bathroom floors, fireplaces throughout, built in bookcases, wainscoting, mudd room, kids rooms, large open bathroom, large kitchen, big garage, and much more

Notes:             The table in the backyard gets moved to the outdoor kitchen for the winter but can be moved - the chairs can be brought up from the basement , pool gets  closed for winter, there is no couch in the family room and one piece of furniture is missing from the living room (the buffet) 




























































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stone exterior

big yard


parquet floors


crown molding


basketball court


black and white checkered floor




claw foot tub

built in bookcase