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Andrew Pollock's Penthouses

August 17th 2020
Andrew Pollock is an Architect practicing since 1991 in both the Hamptons and New York City.
He specializes in modern residential home design and has received numerous awards and publications for his work. He lives in Ft. Greene Brooklyn in a renovated brownstone that serves as his home and office.

New York City - Location 1356


What was your route to becoming an architect?

I spent summers in the Hamptons in the early 70’s. That period was a time of great experimentation in architecture. Each year there would be new amazing modern house built during the preceding winter, or still under construction. I made a point of getting on my bike and visiting each one. I was lucky enough to meet some of my new “heroes” and I started to speak to them about being an architect.

I loved to draw and I took drafting courses in High School. I participated in the Cornell summer program between 11th and 12th grade of High school which further clarified my direction. When it came time to apply to college, architecture school at the Rhode Island School of Design was my first choice and firmly my direction.

What have been your career highlights?

I started my career working for the architecture firm of Kohn Pedersen Fox. My highlight with that firm was to design one of the most prominent buildings in Sydney Australia and spend a year supervising the design with with the local architects.

I have worked in Paris and Miami but since I established Andrew Pollock Architect, PC my favorite project has been a white modern home on a bluff in East Hampton called “Watersedge”

New York City - Location 2000

New York City - Location 2099

What’s a typical day for an architect and your favorite part of the job?

I have set up my office on the top floor of our Brooklyn Brownstone. I’m at my desk before 8:00am every day. The first few hours are my favorite time, before the phone starts ringing. Since most of our new work is in the Hamptons, I drive out to do field work every week. Being in the field is my favorite part of my job.  As in most creative professions the rule of 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration holds true. I do live for the 5% time but I have found that I love the “creativity” of running a business. Most of my work is residential and my relationship with clients is a major driver of the creativity of the project.

What drew you to the locations you selected?

The projects I have selected are all parts of ambitious architectural projects.  Each loft is more than an interior of an anonymous building but instead integral to the building as a whole.  These locations, while being interiors, are a vibrant part of New York City at large.

Architecturally what inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many sources.  The great modern buildings of the 20th century, 15th century Italy and current exciting work from around the world.  I’m also inspired by the problems that we as architects can contribute solutions.  The problem of affordable housing, emergency housing, reduction in energy use and the creation of quality urban living.

If you weren’t architect what would you like to do?

I’d probably still be involved in the building trade but maybe as a developer.  I might also be a part of the music industry.


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