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Simon Malivindi Warehouse Locations

April 15th 2019
Simon Malivindi is a French born / NY based producer specializing in location scout & location management and operating worldwide for the fashion & film industry since 2005.

In September 2018, he founded his own structure, One Thirty-Eight Productions, a full service production company based in Brooklyn, New York & Los Angeles, California.

In our April 2019 Scout feature, Simon shares a few of his favorite Warehouse locations in the greater NYC Area.

Bushwick - Location 7013


What was your route to becoming a producer?

In my early twenties, I was working in a warehouse in the suburbs of Paris, loading up equipment trucks for film and TV. One day, I met a producer who wanted to rent equipment to recreate a film set for a photo shoot. The production sounded intriguing. A while later, after a short stint as a studio manager, I gave him a call asking if he needed help. His name was Edward Brachfeld, and he basically gave me my chance in this industry.

My first assignment was to scout some suburban area for a Vogue shoot with Craig McDean. I went back to the streets two blocks down from the warehouse where I used to work at and it was a perfect match. This was almost 15 years ago, and I never quite stopped producing since.

I moved to New York in 2010, and it somehow took things to a whole new level for me. I never wanted to become a producer, it kinda just happened, for better or worse, and I think most producers will tell you the same thing.

What have been your career highlights?

I see each wrap as a career highlight, whether the shoot is big or small. It’s always an achievement of sorts and a learning experience. In production, so many elements come into play and so many things could go wrong, your next shoot could basically be your last. To be more specific, I’d consider that working with great artists I respect and admire, too many to mention here, are all career highlights. And starting my own production company is, I guess, a highlight of its own.

What’s a typical day for a producer and your favorite part of the job?

A typical day mainly consists in fixing problems and finding solutions to get stuff done cheaper and faster while maintaining high standards. Things have changed drastically with the advent of digital and social media, and everyone is trying to adapt the best they can and stay relevant. A typical day includes not enough hours to get everything done and a team working around the clock in different time zones. It doesn’t matter if you are the best producer in the world; you are nothing without your team. Our core team has been the same for many years now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this. Getting the opportunity to travel and discover new places through work is by far my favorite part of the job. We got lucky enough to travel to some incredible places over the years and packing up enough memories for a lifetime.

New Jersey - Location 7115

Red Hook - Location 8017

What drew you to the warehouses you selected?

8029. The Navy Yard is one of the first locations I scouted in NYC. It has a very rich history, and I love every part of it. This warehouse offers so much space and light, it’s the closest a warehouse can get to a soundstage, and it’s perfect for large set builds.

8017. This one is in Red Hook, where I live. I love this place because it’s not just a plain warehouse. It has some real character, and it can be turned into so many different things. Whether you want a raw space, a dance studio, an artist loft or just different textures, this space is very versatile and has gorgeous daylight.

7013. Like many other warehouses, you can tell this place won’t be around forever, and I guess that’s the beauty about them. This is what I’d call a “typical” New York warehouse, and the architecture works great for video shoots.

7115. This is another warehouse with lots of different options and really great surroundings. Not all warehouses have an abundance of overgrown industrial areas around them, and this one definitely does. New Jersey is definitely underestimated when it comes to locations.

Architecturally what inspires you and what makes you choose a certain location?

I’m afraid it’s the boring stuff that always has to come first when choosing a location. Space is the first thing. How much can we have of it? Whatever it is, it’s probably not enough.  Then parking, power, heat, bathrooms etc… All very practical aspects we need to lock down to ensure a smooth shoot. Creativity, on many occasions, has to come after functionality, and this will unfortunately rule out quite a few locations.

Location scouting is pretty much the only creative part of our job, and something we are really trying to develop by pitching locations to our clients whenever we stumble upon something really cool and unique. Everyone has seen the same locations over and over, so it’s a real challenge and a constant search. I personally have a soft spot for anything abandoned, empty, and the vast open landscapes of the West.

If you weren’t a producer, what would you like to do?

Thankfully I have the chance to be other things than a producer in life, so I’m perfectly happy where I am right now and wouldn’t like to do anything else.


Dumbo - Location 8024

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